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4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Heater This Thanksgiving

reasons to be thankful for your heater

It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting – just a bit more realistic. The whole family – aunts and uncles, brother and sisters, mom and pop, your spouse and in-laws – are all gathered around the dining room table. All ready to dig into the magnificent turkey you started cooking at Four O’Clock in the morning.

Uncle Nick is calling dibs on both of the turkey legs before anyone even has a chance to sit down. Your brother-in-law, Doug, insists on carving the big bird because he has just watched a three-minute YouTube video and now fancies himself a butcher. And your mother-in-law is complimenting the wonderful lunch you spent untold hours preparing – but also telling you that it doesn’t quite meet her dietary needs. You see, she started Keto last week and would’ve been much happier with a nice ribeye instead of lean turkey. Did you not read the email she sent?

With all this going on, you might find it difficult to come up with things to say when it’s your turn to express to everyone what you’re thankful for. Thankfully for you, central Indiana’s HVAC leader for over 30 years – Action Air – is going to give you 4 reasons to be thankful for your heater this Thanksgiving.

A Happy Mother-in-Law

There are two certainties in life: you will never completely please your mother-in-law – and she will complain that she is cold every time she comes over. She complained that she was cold last year – even asked if you were doing okay financially – you know, because you didn’t have the heat set on 80 degrees. Luckily for you, this year, with your new zoned HVAC system and smart thermostat, you can stick her in the study with a book and afghan and crank up the heat to 80 degrees. She will be warm and leave you alone the rest of the day.

Warmth After Football

Doug called all-time quarterback. Again. What, did you think he was going to run up and down the street as a receiver? But despite Doug and the flurries of snow, you all played a rousing game of touch football. The interception and touchdown you made (with only seconds left on the clock) sealed the deal. Happy and celebrating, you come inside to warm up. It might be 23 degrees outside, but your heating system is purring nicely, warming your cheeks and ears up after your victory.

 Coma/Nap After Eating

Some say it’s the serotonin boost from the tryptophan in turkey. Others say it’s caused by excess in fat and carbs (food coma). But as you push Uncle Nick off the couch and plop down with your remote control and turn your heat from 68 to 70 degrees, you know in your heart that it’s your HVAC system that is responsible for the best nap you’ve had all year. And with your new app-controlled smart thermostat, you can set the temperature to induce the perfect nap from your phone.

 Crowd Control

You’re tired. It’s been a long day. You’re sick of Doug talking about the newest updates from Apple and how the government is now going to be able to read all your texts. You just want to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. But how do you clear everyone out without saying a word? You turn up the heat to 90 degrees and sweat them out! Maybe not. But you know your HVAC system could handle the task because you had the experts at Action Air perform maintenance just last week. Relax. Everyone will be gone soon enough, leaving you and your spouse to enjoy the leftovers alone.


In all seriousness, we love our family and we know you love yours. We hope these funny reminders for why your HVAC system is so important brightens your day. While these reasons to be thankful for your heater were made to be a little silly and funny, you should consider ways to improve your HVAC system before winter settles in. The best way to ensure your system is in peak condition is to schedule regular maintenance checkups with a qualified HVAC professional.  If you want to have the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing Central Indiana’s most trusted HVAC company is taking care of your system, call the experts at Action Air at (317) 585-8981, or email us at info@actionairfishers.com to schedule an appointment today!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!