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Five Reasons to Watch What You’re Breathing

In this type of work, we see a lot of relieved faces. In weather like this, it’s usually when the heat comes back on after a simple repair. There’s just something about the feel of that warm air on a cold night that lets a homeowner relax and get comfortable again.

But sometimes the relief is about something that has been prevented. That can happen during one of our routine maintenance visits. If we show a homeowner a problem that’s been developing that could lead to a carbon monoxide leak, and then we present a simple solution for making that problem go away, we’re both relieved!

Carbon monoxide is a serious source of indoor air pollution – one that requires immediate attention. And though the danger may not be as high with other pollutants that can get in your home, you can still experience discomfort.

If you’d like to learn more about what could be hidden in your home’s air, we’ve got a free report that can tell you “Five Reasons to Watch What You’re Breathing.

Oh, and you can find out about one of our recommended solutions for indoor air pollution by watching the helpful video below.