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Safety Tips for Your Space Heater

Safety Tips for Your Space Heater

A space heater is a powerful tool in the colder seasons. It enables you to heat up a certain space without blasting your central heating system and running up your energy bill. It can also be a great compromise for your family members—helping the one who is always cold stay warm without making the rest of you sweat in your own homes!

What people don’t realize sometimes is that space heaters can be dangerous if not used correctly. Not only are they electrical items, but they also produce heat, which means they could be a source of an electrical fire if you’re not careful.

Here are some safety tips for your space heater:

Make Sure Nothing Is in Front of Your Space Heater

Keep everything in the room a safe distance from the space heater, particularly fabrics and upholstery. Even if the space heater isn’t directly touching another item, it could overheat it and still cause a fire.

We recommend keeping items at least a foot away from your space heater at all times.

Do Not Put Your Space Heater on Carpet

Similar to our point above, you shouldn’t set your space heater down on carpet. This is even more dangerous than having a fabric or upholstered item within range of the heater. As the space heater generates warmth, it also heats up the carpet beneath it, which can also cause a fire—especially if it gets knocked over and the heating face of the device is pressed into the bristles.

You should set your space heater on a flat surface, something less likely to burn. In other words, it’s best to prop the device up on a glass or stone surface, rather than a wooden one.

Unplug Your Space Heater When You’re Not Using It

Did you turn the space heater off before you left?

Are you sure?

The only way to know for absolute certain that the space heater is off and not a danger to your home is unplugging it after each use.

Inspect Your Space Heater

Unattended space heaters are the primary reason fires can get started with these devices. You know by now to make sure your space heater is unplugged and that nothing flammable is near it, but you should also inspect its wiring.

Exposed wires are the main culprit for electrical fires in homes. If your space heater has damaged wiring, do not use it!

Make Sure Your Smoke Alarms Are in Working Order

Above all else, the best safety tip we can offer is ensuring that your smoke alarms are working properly. Accidents happen, so even if you follow all of the above tips to a T, your space heater may still start a fire in your home.

Your smoke alarms, in this case, will be your best hope for getting out of your house in time to save your family.

Invest in Better Central Heating

If the above made you at all concerned about space heaters being a fire hazard in your home, you might consider investing in better central heating. Action Air Heating and Air Conditioning can install a new, more energy efficient heating system in your home that could eliminate cold spots and, therefore, the need for a space heater.

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