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In the Near Future (and a Good Bit After)

Prepare your furnace for winterSome people live their lives like the old joke, “I don’t plan ahead. I don’t even buy green bananas.” They don’t want to think about what tomorrow or the next week brings, even in terms of what sort of fruit they might enjoy with their breakfast food. I get it. It’s a “live for today, tomorrow’s not guaranteed to anyone” philosophy. That’s fine – for them. But I like a plan that makes sense, don’t you?

I like the kind of plan that takes into account the near future but also looks beyond. That’s why our Winter Readiness Service makes a lot of sense. It’s a proactive step that’s good in the short term as well as the long term. In other words, it’ll help you stay comfortable during the chilly Indianapolis winter and save energy.

Our Winter Readiness Service will help you get more years out of your furnace system. It’s no secret that when you take good care of things, they last longer … and perform better.  Take your car for instance. Oil changes, tune-ups and regular maintenance keep it running reliably and using less gasoline.

Same thing with your home heating system.  Annual maintenance: cleaning the furnace, a full system checkup and a tune-up will ensure everything is in tip-top shape.  Then, you’ll KNOW you’re ready for the first cold days of the Indianapolis winter weather.  (And using less energy too!)

Here’s just SOME of what’s included when you call Action Air to service your furnace (based on type of system):

  • Inspect, clean and adjust: blower motors, circulators and burner heads.
  • Check for proper exhaust draft and replace any in-line fuel filters or air filters.

We’ll make sure the entire system is ready to keep your family toasty warm this winter.

So what are you waiting for? Call Action Air today at 317-451-4371 or click here to make an online appointment.