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Treats of the Trade

Yeah, I know. The old saying is “tricks of the trade.” But a trick sounds like something that’s at best a shortcut and at worst something that’s not on the level. So I prefer to think of the inside knowledge we have about your home comfort as “treats of the trade.” (Or maybe I’ve just got my mind on Halloween candy!)

In any case, it’s a treat when we have a chance to be of service to our customers. After all, helping people is the reason we’re in business. For us, one of our favorite times to help people is before they have a problem. And no, that’s not because we want to avoid dealing with a big furnace repair issue but because we want to help you avoid that very situation at a most inconvenient time.

Now, when we can catch a problem before it’s a problem, that’s a real treat. You may be thinking of the beautiful Fall weather and everything that goes along with it: apple picking, raking leaves and the “trick or treat” fun of Halloween. We’ve got a good bit more on this very topic that we call Trick or HEAT! Because NOW is the right time to make sure your heating system is ready for winter.

Why now?  The weather hasn’t been particularly cold. Well, the trick is to make sure your furnace is serviced BEFORE you need it. That way, you’ll be sure to have plenty of heat when you want it.

Of course, some folks choose to roll the dice and hope everything starts up okay.

But, I’ll say this. On one frigid night last season, I received WAY too many calls from folks who had no heat. Their furnace wasn’t turning on and their home was STONE COLD.

Now, we all know how serious this can be. This is especially true when there are children or older members of the family at home.

Truth be told, these folks could have easily avoided this … if they had just called Action Air in the Fall. Our pre-season heating system service would have uncovered any problems before the frigid winter weather set in.

So don’t wait until your furnace “tricks” you and won’t warm your home on the coolest days. Treat yourself to your furnace tune-up from Action Air in Fishers. Call us today at 317-451-4371 to schedule your appointment.