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Should you repair or replace your furnace or air conditioner?

Whenever a client is facing a big repair bill on an older piece of equipment, we encourage them to at least look at the option of replacing that furnace or air conditioner, rather than repairing it.  This usually makes sense if your system is more than 8-10 years old, and if you are faced with a repair of more than a few hundred dollars.  What we often find with clients faced with this dilemma is kind of a snowball effect.  It never seems to fail when you have an older piece of equipment that starts having problems, no sooner do you get one thing fixed than another problem crops up.  After all, nothing is built to last forever, and nursing along an older piece of equipment is sometimes not in your best interest.

Many times we can actually save the client money, and have that new piece of equipment literally pay for itself over a period of time. Lets just say that a client is faced with a $500 repair bill on a 10 year old furnace that is only 60% efficient.  By installing a high efficiency furnace, say one that is 95% efficient or even a Hybrid system, we can usually save the client hundreds of dollars each year in energy bills alone, save them the cost of unnecessary repairs by adding a great warranty, and over a period of 10 years, these savings can add up to the cost of a new furnace.  And, many times there are rebates available from the Federal government, State government and utility companies that can really add up. Why throw your money away on an older, unreliable system when you can have a new worry free furnace and air conditioner installed, and have it practically pay for itself.  And, we offer some great financing packages on the installation of new equipment as well.

If you are not sure whether to repair or replace your furnace or air conditioner, give us a call for your free in home evaluation.  We will be happy to come by and go over all of your options, and answer all of your questions you may have when thinking about what to do about a costly repair.