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Signs You Need A Plumber

Signs You Need a Plumber

When homeowners are in the middle of an obvious plumbing emergency, calling a plumber is a no-brainer. When there’s water all over the floor – and the pipe can’t be contained you want an expert there quickly. But what if the problem is less obvious? What if you sense you might have a leak, but aren’t sure? Here are some signs you need a plumber:

Your Sink Drains Slowly

While there can be numerous reasons, the main issue is that something is obstructing your plumbing system. From youngsters’ toys to food refuse and even mice, anything could be stuck in your plumbing – and you can’t tell just by looking down your drain.

A professional plumber has several tools to eradicate the most difficult clogs – including a drain auger (or drain snake). This adjustable tool is far more effective at safely unclogging your plumbing than that coat hanger you’ve been attempting to use. Instead of using home remedies (or harmful chemicals), calling on an expert who can quickly and efficiently help is your best option.

Low Water Pressure

Do you need to take a 20 minute shower before you feel clean? Low water pressure might be the culprit. If you feel like you spend way too much time in the shower and never truly get clean, you are wasting a lot of time – as well as water! Low water pressure can also contribute to high utility bills.

A professional plumber can help a homeowner with low water pressure. Adjusting the municipal supply line pressure regulator is usually the way to fix this. Flushing your water heater and replacing corroded plumbing might also help as well. An industry expert will be able to assess the situation and get the pressure back to a normal level.

Gurgling Water

Does your toilet begin to “gurgle” after flushing? A homeowner can usually tell immediately that something is wrong with their toilet. Odd sounds are usually a warning sign that something is off. Generally, a gurgling sound is your plumbing unable to facilitate moving the water directly. There can be a number of reasons for this, but blockage is the common factor. Never attempt to fix a toilet on your own – the consequences can be messy and sometimes damaging.

No Available Water

There are many different reasons why water might not be flowing. There could be blockage in the plumbing – or a major leak. It would be so much simpler if your plumbing system could simply be uncovered and dealt with in a quick manner. But such is not the case.

The majority of your plumbing is behind your walls and under your home. A professional plumber has the high tech tools to investigate your entire system and make a realistic assessment of the problem. If you are current on your utilities, but water is not coming from your plumbing, a plumber can help you find the solution.

No Hot Water

Craving a hot shower, only to discover that there are only two temperatures coming from the showerhead: cold and tepid? When temperatures begin to plummet outside, a hot shower will be even more essential. From cooking and washing dishes to cleaning your clothes, hot water is more than just a luxury – it’s a necessity.  

More often than not, a faulty water heater is the reason you’re not getting hot water. A professional plumber can take a look at your unit and assess the next steps. Sometimes it’s a simple fix by replacing a component or flushing the tank – or it might be time for replacing the water heater altogether. Whether it’s a gas or electric model, any work on them should be handled by an expert.  

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