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Spring is an ideal time to service your A/C

March in Indiana…no one is really thinking about air conditioning. But don’t wait until the first summer heat wave strikes to find out that your home’s air conditioner may not be up to par. Indiana weather can be unpredictable—so whether you live in Indianapolis or surrounding areas like Fishers, Geist, Anderson or McCordsville, March is a great month to service your A/C.

Did you know that without regular maintenance, your air conditioner can lose up to 5 percent of its original efficiency each year you use it? So, detecting possible problems before they arise may help you avoid being stuck in the sweltering summer months without A/C. It can also save on emergency repair bills and avoid potentially costly repairs in the future.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to service your home’s air conditioner:

  • Is your A/C system not cooling your house as quickly and effectively as it once did?
  • Do you notice that your home seems more humid?
  • Have you had considerable repair costs on your system within the past two years?
  • Is your air conditioner more than 10 years old?

If it’s time for a new air conditioning unit, make sure you take advantage of the numerous incentives that exist for new, energy-efficient units. Your service provider should be able to assist you with the unit that best fits your home—and your budget. In Marion County, Hamilton County and Madison County, a professional tune-up typically averages $70-$125. Your air conditioning system should be inspected, cleaned and tuned by an HVAC professional annually.

To keep your system running its best, remember to check your filter at least once a month. A clogged filter will make your system work harder to supply the same amount of cool air. This is very important during the summer months, when dust and allergens are more common. When choosing a filter for your system, pleated filters tend to be best in preventing dust and dirt from circulating back into your home.

Look forward to summer—knowing that your home’s A/C unit is ready to help you beat the heat.  Be sure to check “like” us on Facebook for the latest air conditioner tune up specials and great deals.