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4 Summer AC Maintenance Tips


At Action Air, we believe a healthy AC (air conditioner) is one that is regularly maintained, especially during the summer. Air conditioners do require the occasional helping hand, as they will eventually require some form of cleaning, material replacement, or inspection. By leaving your AC unattended as it continuously performs during the hot season, you’re increasing the chances of it running into issues that require professional services.

Indianapolis homeowners should be ready to practice some summer AC maintenance tips. We have listed 4 of these tips below to help get you started.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Since summer calls for more AC usage, you must accommodate this by ensuring your air filter is replaced regularly. Air filters are used to catch the dust and any other particles in your HVAC system, which helps to maintain a good IAQ (indoor air quality) and energy efficiency. And after about 2-3 months, they’ll become clogged-up and require a replacement. However, you may need to replace it sooner if you live in a home with pets, as their shedding and dander can take a larger toll on the air filter.

Examine Your Attic Insulation Levels

Attic Insulation does two things: It helps prevent outdoor air from entering in your home, and it stops conditioned air from escaping. But for attic insulation to perform effectively, it must be at an adequate level. You’ll want to measure your attic insulation to see whether it’s suitable enough to support your AC. More information on how to perform this can be found here.

Seal Off Your Doors and Windows

Speaking of air escaping, your doors and windows are two other culprits. Often air can escape along the cracks and sides of these two areas, meaning you’ll want to act on these as well. We recommend using weather stripping, an inexpensive material found at almost any department store, to seal up the sides of your doors and windows. Additionally, we recommend purchasing some insulated door bottoms and medium-colored draperies to further prevent conditioned air escaping and hot air getting in.

Keep Your Outdoor Units Clean

Most AC systems operate by having either one or two outside units next to your home. And with these units being exposed to weather conditions, they’re bound to experience build-ups of leaves, trash, and debris. Too much build-up can lead to a negative impact on your AC’s performance, as outdoor units have inadequate airflow with too many obstructions in the way. Therefore, you’ll want to clean them regularly.

First, you’ll want to clear up around the area of the outdoor unit. If you’re using a rake or shovel, be careful not to puncture the units themselves.

After the area is cleared, clean the unit by running a water hose down each of its sides. Use gloves to remove any stuck debris in the grating. Do not use any tools or gardening equipment on the unit, as it can be damaged easily.

After performing some DIY summer AC maintenance tips, you’ll want to schedule a professional maintenance inspection with Action Air. Doing so allows our trained technicians to fully assess your cooling system, which helps to find any underlying issues as well as giving it the necessary tune-ups to operate effectively. When you’re ready to speak with Indianapolis’ leading HVAC experts, contact us at 317-451-4371 to get started.