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The Once-a-Year Step for Everyday Comfort

award-2012-200You’ve probably heard of Poor Richard’s Almanac even if you have never read it. This was a work by Ben Franklin back when the country was young, and it had a calendar, weather predictions and some wise sayings.

Well, if Ben Franklin were writing weather predictions for Indianapolis, he’d say, “It’s going to be hot this summer.” Seems to me, it happens every year around that time, and this year, we’ll be true to the calendar again.

Yet, if only Franklin had had central air conditioning, I think he could have added some updated helpful advice like this:

“If you want something to last, you take care of it. If you want something to do its job, you make sure it’s running well. If you want something to protect you in the night, you make sure it doesn’t have any hidden dangers.”

Why do I think that? Because here’s what Franklin actually did say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it, and we all know it’s true.

So what ounce of prevention can you bring to your home comfort this spring? One simple step of a preseason checkup on your air conditioning system can make a world of difference in your comfort all summer long. Read what a few of our spring A/C maintenance customers had to say and then call us at 317-451-4371 to schedule your air conditioner checkup today!

“We are repeat customers of action air because of their professionalism, speed of service, and knowledge. Justin H. came out today and did a great job servicing our a/c. Thanks!”

Michelle R.

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“My family has been with action air for many years and have always been very satisfied. Recently they sent Rob H. out for a regular service. I have never seen anyone so thorough ,professional and courteous as he was.We are now experiencing hot water problems and have requested rob for job. lol Thanks Action Air. We will be sticking w/ you.”

Bill V.

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“Action Air has been servicing our HVAC system 8 years now. We have had about 4 different technicians over that time, and each one of them have always been courteous, professional and friendly.”