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Top Ten Checklist to Get Your Home Summer Ready

Ready to enjoy the long, lazy days of summer? They’ll feel even better if you prepare your house now for all those warm days ahead. A little seasonal prevention and preparation can save you money, time and lots of headaches down the road. So roll up your sleeves and get busy with these 10 easy ways to get your home ready for summer.

Schedule a tune-up. Don’t wait until the temperatures are unbearable outside before you schedule an air-conditioner tune-up. Hopefully you’re doing this regularly, but if not, then it’s especially important to have your unit serviced – you don’t want to be stuck without your AC in the peak of the season. Our professionals can also check for damage or leaks that might be inhibiting your system from running as smoothly as possible.

Check your hoses. Garden hoses don’t last forever, especially if they’ve routinely been left outside through multiple winters. Carefully inspect your outdoor hoses and check for leaks or cracks. Replace or repair as necessary. And keep an eye out for spring sales on other gardening supplies or outdoor equipment before the season gets into full swing.

Dust your fans. It’s easy to ignore all those ceiling and portable fans, but wow, do they get nasty. Give all your fans a good, solid cleaning by dusting and then, even better, wiping them down with a mild cleaning solution. And remember to turn off your fans whenever you leave the house.

Prepare your pool. If you own a pool, then you know that summer is the peak time for maintenance. Take a water sample into your nearest pool store and have them test the chemical levels and pH balance. Also, check for cracks, chips or other surface imperfections, and schedule necessary repairs as soon as possible. Don’t forget to make sure that the area around the pool is clean and clear of any hazardous bumps, cracks or other debris that could injure bare feet.

Inspect outdoor outlets. Check all of your outside electrical outlets to make sure they are clean, functional and working properly.

Check vents and filters. Clean or replace the filters in your heating or cooling system as needed, and make sure the outdoor unit is clean and free of debris.

Adjust the thermostat. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a programmable thermostat. The benefits include more control over your air, increased comfort, more temperature control, and lower energy use. We can help you find the right thermostat to fit your unique needs.

Adjust your sprinklers. Make sure your water sprinklers aren’t leaking, and double check the sprinkler heads to ensure they’re actually watering the lawn (and not the sidewalk, driveway or other solid surfaces). Remember that the best time to water during the summer is early in the morning, or late in the evening after the sun has set. Also, make sure to honor any water restrictions in your area due to droughts or dry periods.

Heat up the grill. Oven usage during hot summer days can really heat up the whole house. Clean your outdoor grill and make sure it’s ready and working properly. Dust off all those awesome barbeque recipes and do your cooking outdoors, when possible. In addition, run your appliances (like your dishwasher, washer and dryer) at night to save energy.

Clean your windows. No, it’s not fun, but somebody has to do it. Clean your windows inside and out, and check for any damage to glass. Rinse window screens, looking for damage or debris. And replace weather stripping if necessary.

What do you think?

Can you think of any other items that should be on this list? Are there any special projects you do every year in order to get your home ready for summer? Please share your best suggestions or tips below. And remember, we’re here to help you get your air conditioner ready for the heat! Give us a call and we’ll schedule maintenance today.