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Why Your Heater Could Give You the Cold Shoulder

WARNING: Do NOT Turn on your heat …

Colder weather is here and it’s time to flip on the heat to take the chill off the house. But…

RESIST THIS URGE.  DON’T DO IT, UNTIL you’ve had your heating system professionally checked out and serviced for winter use. Otherwise, you could quickly find yourself with no heat AND a broken down (expensive to fix) heating system too.

Does your home heating really have to be so sensitive? You ignore it – intentionally neglect it, even – for six months. Then when you have a real need, you ask, “How about a little heating help?” Then your system practically coughs in your face. If that.

Sounds like the two of you could use a little professional help. I’m actually not kidding about that part. Before you ask your heater or furnace to keep you toasty warm for winter, you should give it the resources it needs to do the job right. That means getting your system professionally serviced so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down during freezing temps – and you can rest easy knowing it’s operating safely for your family.

Now is the exact right time to have your heating system “prepped” for the winter. If your heating system has been sitting idle for months, there are steps that MUST be taken before firing it up. (And unless you live in the Arctic, this is likely the case.)

Get your heating system ready for winter … avoid costly breakdowns.

Action Air will inspect your entire system, tune it up, clean it out and get it ready to do its job this winter. If anything needs repair, we’ll do it on the spot if possible. (This avoids “emergency” service calls when your system unexpectedly stops working.)

Once your system is serviced, you’ll rest easy and keep warm without worry of your system breaking.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a homeowner in FIshers, Geist, Anderson, Carmel, Indianapolis or surrounding communities, count on Action Air to get your furnace service completed before you are left in the cold! Call 317-451-4371 today to make your appointment!