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Has your AC been on vacation?

Air conditioning systems in Indiana have been on vacation most of this summer, but with the heat finally arriving in the last week, the party is over! The hot and muggy conditions that have finally arrived will have your AC working hard keeping your family cool and comfortable. If you have put off having maintenance…

Getting Comfy Cozy in Bad Indoor Air

In winter, folks in the Indianapolis area are spending more time indoors staying warm. But that comfy cozy feeling could be coming at a cost, according to Fishers-based Action Air. Think of all of the things happening inside your home. You’ve got a fire going, the heat’s on, a pot of chili on the stove….

Action Air Now Offers Duct Cleaning Services

The recent addition of Air Duct Cleaning to our line of services that we offer clients is now in full swing. Our very own Joshua has several years of experience cleaning air ducts in his work history, and has been encouraging us to make this service available to our clients as well. We have done…

24 Hours a Day HVAC Service

Up for a quick survey question? Here goes: what time of day would you most like to experience problems with your air conditioning system? Would that be the middle of the night when you can’t sleep due to the heat? Or maybe the first thing the next morning when you’re dressing for work? Or midafternoon…